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US Speedskating is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, your contribution may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser to determine if this is the case in your particular circumstances.
 2018 Podium Club
Join the 2018 Podium Club! For an annual donation of $2,500 or more directly to our Athletic Programs leading up to the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Korea, our top-tier donors receive exclusive US Speedskating Under Armour gear, access to exclusive Podium Club events, and once-in-a-lifetime Speedskating opportunities. Join the 2018 Podium Club, and support our athletes of the future.

 Annual Fund
Help support US Speedskating by donating to the Annual Fund. This Fund has been established as a way for individuals to support USS and its World Class athletes. Donations in any amount to USS go to the funding of our National Training Program, World Cup Teams and Olympic Teams.

 Donor Funded Athlete Support Program
This Program enables donors to give direct support to US Speedskating athletes. On an annual basis, money from the Fund will be allocated directly, and evenly, to qualified athletes determined by criteria set by the USOC and US Speedskating. Information about the DFAS Program is available at http://www.teamusa.org/US-Speedskating/DFAS

 US Speedskating Hall of Fame Endowment

 USS Alumni

This donation category is for USS Members who hold a current membership type for racing, coaching, or as a lifetime member, but would also like to be a part of the USS Alumni community and take advantage of the extra alumni benefits. The donation amount to join this group is $55. To learn more about these benefits, please follow this link: http://www.teamusa.org/us-speedskating/members-and-clubs/membership/membership-registration and click on the USS Alumni Additional Benefits.

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Please inquire with your employer to find out if a program exists for matching donated dollars to non-profit organizations like USS. If they do, take the opportunity to submit a request for a USS match and increase the contribution you are making to this sport!
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